Literary Road to Glory: 2012

Mesnard’s “Glory Road” progress:

Dorm Room year one

It’s hard to explain the reason why, but I’m feeling mighty ambitious this year. Maybe basking in hitting my goal from last year; maybe senility – but I decided to try something dangerous.  Creatively dangerous that is…

Instead of a new year’s resolution, I decided to have a month-by-month roadmap: with secondary goals as well.  Maybe I’ll falter- or maybe I’ll exceed my expectations.

For a full rundown of the declaration, hit the jump.

So here’s my month-by-month plan: or rather, the primary aims of the year:

January:  Minimum 10,000 words added to my Nano ’11 novel.  FAILURE

February:  Make a play for Script Frenzy [Screnzy]; 20,000 words added to my Nano ’11 novel.

March:  Prepare screenplay for Screnzy.  Host mixer?  Plan presentation?  10,000 words added to my Nano ’11 novel.

April:  Script Frenzy!   100 page/finished screenplay draft to “win” this endeavor.  Add to Nano ’11 novel. Combined minimum of 10,000 words written.

May:  20,000 words added to Nano ’11 novel.  FAILURE

June:  Add 10,000 words to my Nano ’11 novel and/or complete [at least] the first draft of my Nanowrimo ’11 novel[Goal Change: I decided to attempt/win Camp Nanowrimo earlier than planned.  Success!]  Order my free copies via CreateSpace by the 30th.

July:  Complete short [holiday?] storyPrepare to continue a previous Nanowrimo novel or decide to write something new (such as one of my “video game” adaptations).

August:  Camp Nanowrimo!  Write at least 50,000 words to “win” this endeavor.  [Goal Change: Completing the goal early, I decided to participate in the August session.  I “rebelled” – continuing my screenplay, via the Script Frenzy rules.  Success!)

September:  Organizational period.  Plan more on my long-in-the-works Star Wars story?  Catch up on blog posts?  Work on any secondary/secret goals (attempted and failed).

October:  Prep for NaNoWiMo (attempted, but reverted my project to continuing my Nano ’11 story: slight failure).

November:  Nanowrimo!  Write at least 50,000 words to “win” this endeavor.

December:  BURN OUT.  End of the line for 2012…

ALL of this doesn’t have to be done to have success.  The idea is to have a progress bar and see how far I can fill it up throughout the year.  Aside from what I tried laying out for the monthly goals, I have a list of secondary goals.  They would have their own point system to supplement any shortcomings I encountered throughout the year.  This includes:

•Read/finish at least four books.

•Post at least twelve times this year on this blog [Wordpress].

•Post at least twelve (combined) times this year on either of my other blogs.

•Write at least four short stories this year (hopefully in a “seasonal”nature).

Even though I have so much outlined for this year, I don’t have to do it all in order to satisfy my year’s road map.  That is the beauty of my “Road to Glory” progress meter (which was inspired heavily from the NCAA Football’s “Campus Legend” style game mode).

Will I succeed?  Will I figuratively combust and burn like a comet while trying to blaze this trail?  Very possibly – but finding out shall be part of the fun.


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