Geenie: Chapter 29

“You know… For whatever it’s worth, this kind of reminded me of when I was younger.”


Tilting the tiny bit of cider left in her glass side to side, Geenie sees the sparse bit of cinnamon and other bits of spice dance; like watching from underwater as a river’s current pushes the debris along. “Why is that?”


“Oh, maybe it’s silly…” Setting his glass down on the bar area, and grabbing the decanter again; this time able to handle the heat of it’s contents. Without asking he poured; refilling Geenie bit by bit almost up to the very top. Slouching back into his seat, Jack poured in that same sloppy way to freshen his own highball glass; so contrary to the all too gentle nature he made sure she got the most liquid with least amount of byproduct. Maybe it was a protective gesture for Geenie, or Jack really just enjoyed the way the grittiness interacted with his beverage- or merely just the way it looked.


They each took another casual taste before he continued. “It’s not exactly related to any of this right now, but it just made me think it up. You know…” Pausing for another sip. “It just came to mind.”


“It’s ok. You don’t need to explain it. That happens to me sometimes also.” She didn’t know what to expect since Jack’s mind seemed to be all over the place when he was feeling comfortable in his own skin. She might deny it under oath, but she had an interest with whatever he planned to say.

“Thanks. Well anyway-” Making an aside with, “You don’t smoke. Do you?”


Shaking her head with sealed, pouting lips, “No, uh-uh. Never.”


“Well that’s a good thing. And just don’t start. Really. I was never too much on cigarettes, but got on a short kick when I was overseas since someone was getting their hands on the European style ones-” Letting his voice change in tone, “Anyway… Like I said, never smoked cigarettes until much later as a journalist. But one of my friends convinced us to be these jokingly connoisseur types. I mean after high school, a couple buddies and I switched from beer- Yeah it was high school then but hey; to some wine and liquor too depending on our budgets. One of us decided since smoking and drinking synonymously went hand in hand, that we’d pick up cigar smoking when we were all together. First with packs of Swisher Sweets; like the packs you grab at the supermarket. Then later we would step it up here and there, depending on the cash flow.”


Breaking his stare with Geenie to let a smile out. “Like I said, none of this has anything to do with anything else. But anyway… One of the guys, and we were all the same age, hovering around twenty-ish. Whenever we’d all be gathered like that, at one point without fail, he would always take this big puff from the cigar and just hold it in. Then he’d talk like song old Italian codger with this gentlemanly patter to his voice- Like a guy who hung out in the back of a delicatessen way too much; from the old country. And he’d just say ‘Ah. ‘Dis is da’ liyfe…’ It always cracked us up”


Geenie formed a tight smile and absentmindedly let the edge of her glass slowly move across her lips before showing her teeth in a friendly expression. “And that’s what you were thinking of now? Us here?”


“Well yeah. I did.” He stretched his arms out across the back of the seat while still holding his drink. It looked like he was hugging two invisible friends around the shoulders. “Look at us. Here. It’s kind of the life. Right?”


Giving another grin in his direction, Geenie watching while Jack tries to have another serving from the highball glass.


“At least I don’t have to pay for it,”


Caught off guard while drinking, Jack tries to hold back a laugh. It’s no use, and he mixes air with the drink – otherwise known as ‘going down the wrong pipe’ – resulting in choking on the goodness which he praised moments earlier. Geenie tries to get up but gets waved away from Jack as he hunches over and suffers through a coughing fit.


A moment of silence inside the vehicle. Jack pulls the fingers of his right hand through his hair and reclines with a slight embarrassment.


“Are you ok?”


His voice developed a wheeze which started fading after the first sentence; then diminishing little by little the more he spoke. “Guess I spoke too soon about the good life. Huh?”


“Don’t talk like that. Come on.”


The redness seemed to dissipate from his face. “I guess I just got a little too much sediment in mine. Either that, or I got the one sip that did have a little something extra. Right?”

She was happy to see him smiling and the earlier comment was a joke about it not being good. Geenie wasn’t ready to give up that little moment, since it really was a good time in her mind. She was never one to try to hold onto a moment but something seemed a little bit special at this moment. It felt like she should check to see if the bottle was spiked since she had a different outlook for the moment. But she knew it was her acting naturally- just a little bit differently that she recalls her usual self being.


“Are you sure you’ll be alright?”


“Yeah. I just didn’t expect you to be so funny.”




“Don’t be sorry, just be Geenie. I was paying a compliment.” Smiling, “And yes… The limo ride is comped.”


“Come on… You know what I mean.” She knows she’s being teased but also wants to stay on the topic set into her mind.


“Don’t be so silly. Are you sure nothing else is wrong?”


“I appreciate your concern. I just got a little over exuberant and paid the price I guess.” Trying to play off the moment, “I take it this means no seconds? Or thirds- fourths. Whatever.”


“You can tell me the truth, Jack. Are you sure you don’t have something?”


He grabs his forehead as if trying to cover up a blemish. “Seriously, it was just me catching a breath at the wrong time.”


“We haven’t known each other that long, I know. But you can tell me if you have some sort of- I don’t know, condition. Whatever it might be.”


“Geenie-” A lack of concentration and breathing in again must have really caught some sediment this time. Maybe his manly pouring of his own beverage wasn’t such a good idea, as he has another coughing fit; this time less violent and much briefer. It was enough to force his sentence to a close and open up the opportunity to inject her feelings.


“You’re still having some trouble now,. And earlier out on that road? I was really getting scared- or worried back there. I-”


“Relax…” He tipped his glass and stared at all of the dusty brown particles still inside. Amongst the small bit of cider still contained inside; swimming and swirling in his glass each time. His voice loses its playfulness and seems more dull. It must be sincerity rather than covering up the words with a silly story or anecdote. “I feel kind of dumb talking about it-”


Cutting himself off, Jack takes his glass and sets it in the small shelf area by the decanter. “Fine,” while he rubs his nose – feeling the cold from earlier playing tricks on his mind and creeping in. “It’s nice you’re concerned. You know though… Don’t you sometimes want to just keep some stuff in the past?”


Nodding her head a small bit, her hair has a slight bounce and strands dip into her face. “Yes. I guess I do,” pulling the hair back and curling her fingers around one ear while listening.


“What the hey. I can tell you. It’s silly but I used to have asthma.” Touching his fingers sporadically as a nervous tick, “I guess it went away to a degree when I got a little older.” Still slightly shaking things off with his head, but he can finally look back towards Geenie. “Everyone would always say I’d get over it or grow out of it while I was a kid, but you know how parents and people were to little kids. They lie, right?”


Laughing at his statement, Geenie smiles also. She feels a little less uneasy and not so worried she hit on an improper topic.


“So all these grown ups who said I’ll get over it- When I was little every day felt like forever. No concept of time when in that kind of world. But never mind that-” He shifted into another position; seeming less closed off. “The point is… A lot of that is the past and that’s where I like to put that sort of- Well I guess a frailty, right? But stuff sets it off and then…” Shaking it off with a quicker pace, “Well you saw what it was like back there, so I don’t have to go over all of that.”


Laughing to himself as Geenie keeps her gaze fixated on him, “I won’t lie to you about it though. It’s silly, but I forget about it all. I keep it in the past and I barely ever have an issue. At the same time, I also took a lot of steps to avoid anything that could bring it up. And I guess I did too good of a job of it too, since I sort of fooled myself.” With a tilt of his head, “So I kind of put it out of my head until- Yeah, well you saw it all.” Feeling redness in his face, “What do I have to tell you all about it for?”


“I didn’t realize, sorry. You know what causes it and that’s how you got over it. Right?”


Running his hand against the seat in a lackadaisical pattern, “Well I was a kid and- Yes, the ‘grown-ups’ were kind of right. I got older and sort of got past a lot of it. Maybe I got a better immune system, I don’t know. Every now and then it might crop up but it’s been a long time really.” Scratching his eyebrow to pretend to look low key, “I gues you and I know stress doesn’t cause it – right?”


Geenie burst out laughing, and let another smile loose. “I…” Nodding her head to let her point out, “Yes, I would certainly have to say you weren’t having any trouble under stress.”


Helping return the favor, Jack wanted to help slip a fast compliment Geenie’s way. “You don’t seem to be too bad handling yourself under pressure either.” Trying to encourage another laugh, “For an amateur, that is.”


“Um… Thanks. I think?” The small slouch with her shoulders as she nodded showed she was only mocking a slight bit of an indignant vibe to the phrase. Plus she also had trouble with compliments.


“Yeah, yeah…” Taking the liberty, Jack wanted to explain this condition to Geenie a little further. “So sometimes it can be a little random. I can have a little bit of an ‘outbreak’ or whatever the right word might be. But it’s so minimal it’s barely noticeable. The big one for me is the cold.” Raising his eyebrows, “Enough said. Right?”


“This is NOT the place to be I think then. I know we took a lot of time getting here and all that, but I don’t care if you take me somewhere else. Why did you choose this place? It’s actually kind of charming and remote in a way but it’s ok if we go somewhere else. I don’t care if you don’t have friends at the other places.”


“Well, it’s not exactly that way,” leaning back against the seat with a straighter posture. “I’ll get into it a little later. Really, I will. I’ll be fine. I’ll just need to dress more appropriate.” Tossing a jokingly admonishing state, “Both of us I’d imagine.”


“No joking on that one. I mean… Yeah, I feel a little too skimpy for these conditions.”


“I’ll handle it. Don’t worry.”


“It’s ok, Jack. I figured there was some sort of plan you had. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been standing on the side of the road who knows where; and I didn’t know where, remember?”




Both of them felt something at the same time. It was a push against the side of the limo. Jack and Geenie both looked in the same direction at once: realizing it was their driver bumping against the vehicle on his way to the gas pump.


“Having a mock chuckle, Oh yeah. Him.”


She smiled too. “Yeah I know, right? Where’s he been?”


“Most likely a question best left unasked.”


They looked at him though the window, seeing him move around and interact with the vehicle – it was voyeuristic or something similar to the zoo where they use words like ‘in their natural habitat’ are uttered. The heavy tinting and the early morning made it impossible for the driver to see what was happening inside. He seemed to go about everything in an oblivious state; not seeming too self conscious or a concern with time. Then again, Jack did not say there was any sort of a hurry.


Dee opened the driver side door and Slid in while pivoted towards them. “Hey there, I’m really sorry about that.” Noticing Geenie’s glass, oh hey – you guys found the apple cider back there.” Lifting his head a bit like listening for something far away, “What do you think. It’s pretty good. Huh?”


Geenie puts on her most polite face, similar to distant relatives being entertained, “Yes. It is, thanks.”


“Glad to hear it.” Looking to the left with his eyes, “You too, Jack?:


“I did, thanks. It’s been years.”


“That’s fantastic, I’m glad it came in handy for you two and stayed warm. “Oh, so anyway… I was looking around inside for a few things but totally lost track of time. But, you know, the strangest thing happened while I was in there. They have like a real breakfast setup going on in there. I mean, it’s a real deal breakfast setup. Oh hey, hold on. Let me come around,”


They watched as he exited the front and hurried around to the other side and opened the door. In his hand was a giant styrofoam container. He started moving it towards Geenie, but the glass was still in her hand. Instead, the attention went towards Jack, who grabbed it then held the container with both hands.


Almost backing out of the limo, he freezes and makes a crumpled face. “Oh right. Hold on,” as he puts his hand in a side pocket on his jacket. He pulls out two plastic sealed packages – a napkin, fork, and knife in each. “Just in case you need it,” as he sets it on top of the container. “And…” He puts his hands pack into both pockets on the sports jacket and digs a moment. “I don’t know where you guys are from, or what you like on your breakfast, so…”


His fists fill and Dee drops the contents on top of the container; making a plasticy hollow sound as they plopped and bowed the styrofoam carton. “They had ketchup, pepper, salt, salsa, and ranch. I just grabbed one of everything they had really. He laughs a little at himself for the enthusiasm. “Well just hang tight and enjoy yourselves while I handle this whole gas situation.” He rushes out and shuts the car door with a little too much excitement; causing a rush of cold air to blow inside.


“Ooh, chilly.” Geenie put an arm across her as if to try to shield herself from the outdoor temperature while Jack carefully sets the container down beside him; careful not to let anything slide out while Dee moved around on the outside to fiddle with the gas pump.


Leaning over, Jack took the glass from Geenie’s hand. “Shall we?” He sets it close to where his was in the small shelf and lifts up the container again. He stand and pivots around quickly; then lets himself settle right beside Geenie again. “Let’s see what we have here, shall we?”


She can already feel the heat emanating from the styrofoam box, and it had a faint aroma of food. “It does smell good, but I also don’t remember when the last time was I ate anything was.”


“That goes for the both of us. But let us not speak too soon.” With a wiping motion, Jack slides his hand along the top of the box and lets everything on top slide off between himself and Geenie. He pushes in on the protruding tab and unlocks their box of breakfast. Lifting the lid, they found a welcomed simplicity inside. The box was divided horizontally. The compartment nearest to them was filled with scrambled eggs, while the further section was a rolled, flour tortilla indented lightly will diagonal lines indicating a quick trip on a grilling surface.


“I’ll be honest. I kind of forgot about eating or being hungry, but my caffeine and sugar has been on the wane. I think this may actually work.” Teetering the container on his lap, Jack steadied with his right hand while handing the plastic enclosed flatware / napkin combo over to Geenie; watching her open the packaging in a most proper style.


Pinching on either side with her thumb and index finger, she broke the seal while pulling outwards. “What?” Feeling his eyes on her, she felt like something was wrong.


“My hands were just kind of full here. I was just waiting.” He lifts the container and slides it over to Geenie. “Why don’t you have the traditional eggs while I take the breakfast burrito of mystery.” Without a reply, he reaches over and lifts up the not so hefty wrapped up meal.


“Um, sure.” She was joking around, but didn’t expect him to be so forward. She figured he must be much hungrier than letting on.


Taking the similar plastic set into his free left hand, Jack decides to follow a less dainty route to open his packaging. He gripped it at the sides and pressed it downwards; causing the plastic knife to poke through the top of the packaging. Next, Jack used his thumb to pull the packaging wider open. Slipping a finger inside to help the thumb, he slips the napkin out while keeping everything else inside its plastic packaging.


Looking over a brief second, Jack saw Geenie wasn’t looking at him. He barely opened the napkin and let it rest on top of his left thigh. Most likely this way his attempt at not totally looking too uncouth as a male eating in a less than traditional space. Jack wouldn’t be classified as a slob, but being alone most of his days, he doesn’t strive to adhere to proper etiquette – such as he might take a stab at more often if he was dating.


He shouldn’t be so worried what Geenie thought, but he figured it was good manners to look a bit more proper, and also cautiously eating would keep some sort of accident to a low possibility; for the sake of his own ego (or embarrassment) or just being less a bother for the limo driver; who seems to be decent and likable, even if Jack wasn’t one to feel warmly towards a new face.


“Doing ok over there?” Jack caught her just as she was taking another bite.


“Hmm,” Making a signal with her motioning of the fork to give her a moment, Jack shifts his attention over and bites a tiny bit of the folded floury cylinder; opening up a corner of it and letting steam to sneak out as an evaporating ribbon.


Taking a look back towards Geenie, she was finally able to talk.


“It’s… ok. It’s eggs.”


“There’s stuff you can put on it. Our chauffeur went to some effort gathering packets from all four corners of the condiment bar.”


She laughs knowing it’s not a mean way it was said. “I’m fine, Jack.”


“Too bland?” Wriggling his fingers between them, he found a small paper, rectangular packet and showed it to Geenie. “Salt?”


“You’re holding up pepper.”


“No, is it?” Titling the small packet to read the front, “Oh I guess you’re right.” Showing it once more, “Pepper?”


“No,” slipped out between a laugh. She went for another bite and Jack started in on her again.




“Mmm-mhm,” with a shake of her head while chewing.


Holding up another; squishing it a little between his fingers, “Ranch? It says reduced fat…”


Twisting her head a bit more exaggeratedly, she lets out another negative sound as she eats; not wanting to talk with her mouth full. Gathered parts of her hair behind her ears slip free and show off the waviness while she makes the motioning.


Not giving up yet, he lifts up a plastic circular container with a more transparent lid. He twirls the contents as a wine aficionado might swish a glass at a tasting. “Wholesome salsa… Could be fresh, but probably not.”


It was right at the time she actually finished a bite, slowly as she ate, and could fire back at Jack. “Come on. I am FINE.” Laughing at him, “Please. I’m ok, I swear.” Scraping around the remaining eggs into a neater pile with her fork, she tries not to scrape the plastic tong against the styrofoam container, “What about you?” Looking over, “How’s yours?”


“It is…” Looking back at his wrapped up meal, “I didn’t really try yet.”


“Why are you interrupting me? What’s wrong with yours?”


“Nothing. Nothing that I know of. Yet.” He smiles from feeling silly being put on the spot from Geenie.


“What were you waiting for then.? To see if I got poisoned or drugged first?”


“Of course not.” Lowering his voice, “It wouldn’t have a chance of happening here.” He pivots to show his burrito, “See, I did actually eat a little bit of it. Just not a huge bite.” Moving it more towards him as if to actually eat it, “If I really did wait it was only out of politeness. Ladies first and all.”


She puts her lips together and hides a smile. “Can you just knock it off. I really am kind of hungry now that I started.”


“I don’t know what made me so immature. I’m sorry.”


“Don’t be sorry, Jack. Just let me eat in peace.”


Taking the cue, he pivoted away to give a little privacy to Geenie as well as himself, and the sound of gas flowing into the tank seemed to engulf the interior with its flowing reverberations. There wasn’t any more discernible heat spilling out from his hand held breakfast. Jack took the free hand and used it to wrap around the folded tortilla, almost like making sure he was properly gripping a baseball bat before a majorly important pitch hurtles down the pipe.


Feeling properly prepared, Jack finally readies himself for a giant bite. There was a slight coordination issue since he wasn’t sure if he wanted to lean into the breakfast burrito as much as draw it closer to him. For the sake of his clothes, he decided the leaning approach was much smarter. Jack had a habit at being a messy eater at the wrong times.


Choosing the same corner as his original nibble, Jack took his first bite. It was a corner, which meant it was more on the outside than the inside regarding the taste. Heavy on the flour tortilla, light on whatever else was inside. Turns out the inside was eggs; just as Geenie had – though hers was a more traditional way of eating it.


All seemed well. The tortilla did seem very fresh and maybe even home made in style; a bit fluffy without the powdery taste of loose flour as so many generic or mass-made versions are. He felt a little bit of enthusiasm to enjoy more of it. Pulling the wrapped meal closer, he got ready to devour a larger bite. This time he hoped to eat the whole top off it.


Usually eggs are more good or bad according to preference, but most people all agree scrambled eggs are only best in a certain way. A slightly firm texture and a hint of wiggle to them; not enough to become rubbery. Slimy of course is out of the question for scrambled eggs. There is often a special heat or temperature for eggs also. If too much heat wears off, the most perfectly cooked eggs can lose luster or become totally inedible depending on how finicky the person is. This particular bite of Jack’s…


Squish! One of the worst outcomes in the world of breakfast burritos. Not THE worst, but a top five contender. He felt water in his mouth but he already took a bite. If he let go now, then it could be a complete mess. The only thing he had to do was eat the giant bite he already took, since it was already unhinged from the premium quality tortilla base.


The eggs on their own were great, but it was the combination of what happened which became the bane of Jack’s breakfast. It was merely a peeve of his for this combination of things to happen. Not earth shattering, so he kept it to himself. He also didn’t want to attract the attention of Geenie. It would seem so oddly embarrassing to come to her rescue more than once, only to be thwarted by an egg cocoon. For the sake of being a good sport, Jack ate the gargantuan bite he overly enthusiastically gnawed off. As least in this case, he was able to chew and finish this bite; rather than biting off more than he could chew.


Thinking he was in the clear, he decided it would be best to make an excuse and then set the meal back in the styrofoam box in which it came from – at least once Geenie finished her side. It might seem barbaric for a guy to drop a one bite eaten burrito (breakfast or other style) back into the container and expect a female to continue her meal as if nothing at all happened. Instead he decided to stay completely still and try not to attract any attention – then when he heard Geenie finishing, he would be able to commandeer the box and slip his meal bought with good intentions into the packaging with nobody being any the wiser to the scheme. This was a best case scenario, of course.


While waiting patiently, he felt a little of the heat digging into the palms of his hand, as well as a slight cramp since it seemed he was holding this breakfast burrito just a little to tightly for whatever particular reason it was. Jack needed to ease up on the grip, so relaxed his fingers. It seemed the right decision at that moment, and there wasn’t any reason to rethink something such as this, but surprisingly there were consequences to this action.


When Jack eased his fingers slightly from his breakfast, it inadvertently made the wrapped tortilla expand a slight bit. He had the whole thing clamped so firmly between his hands, it actually constricted the burrito somewhat. When he finally became more lax, the item needed to breathe.


In this process, the bottom’s outer most corner spread out a small bit more; causing this lowest part to unfurl in the smallest bit. The slightest breach of a seal was all it needed. The combination of the heat of the eggs with the tight packaging caused condensation to occur. For most it’s a calamity of breakfast burritos but very difficult to avoid at the same time – water building up inside.


The aforementioned water collected within and the pressure released just as a loosened valve might – sending a trickle of water through the pipe. This time the pipe just happened to be a breakfast burrito with nothing more than eggs; meaning plenty of opportunity for drainage. This was all before Jack could realize it – at least not until it was too late, that is.


Posture still hunched; Jack suddenly felt something collecting at the bottom of his burrito. Saying it was seconds would be a liberal estimation. As soon as he noticed, it was too late. The condensation made its way out; slipping past the high quality flour tortilla. This sort of thing may not have drawn any attention if it wasn’t for how audible the moment became.


Geenie was occupied with the last of the larger bits of scrambled eggs in her container. Of course, her attention was soon drawn once hearing Jack’s problem arise.


When the liquid escaped, he was hunched over for fear of spilling something all over himself. The napkin was nearby, but nowhere near where it should have been if it was placed there to prevent an accident rather than for show or to get the smallest bit of a mental nod from Geenie. The remains of the condensation rolled down the edible pipe and slipped out the tiny bit of open corner – landing on the side of one of Jack’s shoes.


The worst part of it all was the way it landed after cascading out. It was perfect acoustics for whatever reason or conditions. Jack’s foot was sideways and tilted slightly upward. It made the loudest and strangest of sound for such a trace amount of water: like splattering onto the material of a tent while being underneath – or something else too impolite to mention. The sound it made seemed most embarrassing.


Geenie couldn’t help but be curious about what she heard. Somehow her eyes knew the worst (or most accurate) place to look. She put her eyes on Jack, then the food in his hand. The single droplet was clinging to the edge of the tortilla’s minuscule flap like the last bit of morning dew holding onto a quivering leaf. Finally when Geenie started at it, the drop finally decided to let go; joining the rest of the liquid which seeped onto the wood like substance which made up the limousine’s floor. Blap.


“Oh no,” Geenie’s voice sounded like she broke a family heirloom and her mom was coming in to investigate what happened. She leaned over towards Jack and went for the napkin on his thigh; causing the shorter sections of wavy hair to fall forward and bob against her motions.


At this point it seemed the most impeccable of timing – or the very worst – since Dee just opened the driver side door and slipped inside while calling out to his passengers in the far row of seats. “Hey now, I’m back…”


He put part of his right hand past the divider when sliding in; and it inadvertently revealed his own version of a breakfast burrito. His must have been a deluxe style since it was not only twice as fat as Jack’s eggy wonder, but brimming with mexican style chorizo, potatoes, and ringlets of melted cheese popping out of the top – with a folded down wrapper and a wedge of napkin on the side of it. This guy must be a pro at eating on the go.


“…Everything going ok back there?”


Turning around after closing the door, Dee caught a peek at something he wasn’t sure at first he was supposed to have been looking at.


“Not too good here,” with a waver in Geenie’s voice. She was bent across Jack with the napkin and trying to reach over to clean up anything which resulted in the dinky egg burrito’s faux pas. Worried about how far Geenie leaned over to quickly handle the spill, Jack instinctively grabbed onto her to make sue she didn’t tumble onto the floor.


Although Geenie was rather oblivious to the moment, Jack knew the view from the chauffeur vantage might seem very suspicious. Dee saw no napkin or cleaning. Only random flyaways of hair swaying rhythmically; obstructing the woman’s face. For those with less than clean thoughts, a sight such as this would be called an ‘occupational hazard’ in the world of driving limousines. Being the consummate professional Dee was and his time put in on the job, he never flinched or be affronted by anything he saw – whether he approved of it or not. He kept a straight face as if he didn’t see either of them inside – but looking in a general direction their way before asking, “What’s the problem?”


“It’s Jack, but I think everything’s taken care of now.” Geenie tried to right herself but her balance was too far off. Jack tried not to look too obvious while he gripped a bit and pivoted back; helping Geenie to an upright position back on the seat.


By now it was apparent nothing sketchy was happening in the limousine, but Dee held the same calm expression as if nothing changed at all. Jack moved his attention from Geenie back to the driver a moment. “Yeah it was my fault. I had sort of- a spill.”


“Are you alright?” The driver wasn’t sure if Jack meant it as some sort of injury or if it was a literal spill in the liquid sense. His voice was authentic but he casually switched hands with his torpedo sized specialty breakfast burrito- right to left so he could start the vehicle as well as drive with his dominant hand.


The scent already permeated the air. Geenie took the napkin dampened by egg water and set it in the same container their meal came from, then using her unspoiled napkin to dry her hands as thoroughly as any thin generic napkin can – then put her napkin in the same container with the other before placing it beside her.


Jack jumped on the opportunity and used his left hand to raise the container once again. He made a careless underhand toss; thoroughly disgusted with what happened to him. The burrito landed right back where it was originally found; the far half of the styrofoam box. Upon making contact with the container, the burrito made a sluffing sound; the impact of the one bite wonder spilled patches of glistening eggs out of the burrito and into the container before Jack had no regrets closing the styrofoam box like the casket of an enemy.


“No it’s ok.” Jack paused while Dee started the limo up. “It feels silly to say really. But I ended up with my meal getting a little watery and-”


Dee took umbrage, and couldn’t help but cut Jack off. He was not upset at all with either of the two he was driving around, but perturbed with the shoddy breakfast shop now.


“Man, I KNEW it!” He gestured with a grip on his breakfast – shaking it towards the rear view mirror as if admonishing whoever was guilty elsewhere. “I just- MAN. I mean I TOLD that woman working in there not to put the eggs in there right away. She was in the back, but I was talking up the hostess type girl in the front.” Dropping his voice like revealing another secret, “She was this little mama – sita type of girl, if you know what I mean-”


The shifting was made with authority as he took it out of park and revved the engine for the sake of combating the cold outside; raising the noise volume. His voice still carries far ad he gets more melodic speaking of the hostess, “I had to just talk her up, you know what I mean?”


He turns back towards Jack and all but forgets Geenie was in the vehicle also – voice dropping but everyone can easily hear, “She had that long just black hair and the heat of the back just steamed it so it hung perfectly right, you know? But she had these soft eyes and seemed just a teenie bit more polite than she had to be, you know what I’m talkin’ about? I’m sure of it.” Looking back through the windshield while switching between subtle anger and waxing poetically humorous, “And back doing all the heavy lifting was this BIG mama – heck, it could probably have been her momma, come to think of it. And I even yelled out back there not to put the eggs on the tortilla right away since you have to let the heat disappear- er, I mean dissipate, a little bit to make it perfect. Otherwise…”


Pressing the gas pedal; Dee uses one hand to swing the steering wheel rapidly to the right while pulling from the gas pump as he uses the left side to takes a tiny taste of his burrito – exhibiting expert precision regarding both hands, “I mean, otherwise you get stuck with… Well with what happened, man.” Evening his tone out while giving a small but disappointing shake of his head. “I hate sweaty eggs.”


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