Writing Revelations (& goals?)

Some writing revelations came to me while working on my Restless submission.

I decided to split my NaNo ’09 novel in half.  This means everything intended to be my story at the beginning of NaNo ’09 won’t be the novel at all.  Guess I really took my vow seriously do to make the soldiers proud (I’ll just call this person “B” to keep anonymity).  Aware or not, this person was one of the few to shape this novel. This means at least two things:

1) I am most likely changing the title of the novel.

2) NaNo ’10 might be the continuation of the story- if enough interest and feedback.  And it’s a good backup plan if I don’t have any inspiration for a new novel.

During this time I also have this epic idea for adapting a book into a screenplay.  It’s out of print and costs in the triple digits to score a copy.  And no: it’s not the Roadracers book I’ve been trying to get an authentic copy of.  Think more Old Yeller meets Band of Brothers.  [Not really, but it make a compelling cliffhanger].

As for deadlines…  I told myself at the end of May I want to have the novel completed (as a first draft).  I would like to have alpha readers look at what I have and see if they seem authentically written for the characters (and at least some plausible believability with aspects of the story).  This thing is written from five viewpoints, meaning it has five writing styles and agendas.

This can be seen more a collection of short stories rather than chapters of a novel.  If it was looked at as a straightaway novel, most of the people would run screaming – like the masses from a non-Gilliam Don Quixote movie.

If I hit the self-imposed deadline, then I have a chance at a polish before submitting for my free proof copy.  The question is if it’s a rough proof or totally uncorrected proof.

[I’d love five alpha readers.  Any takers?  The bright side is  pressure to only read 20% of it.]

If I do hit the mark, then I will have time to work on the [actually awaited] NaNo ’08 “Geenie” story.  Not to tease too much, but I would not only try to complete it by October ’10 but start out with the “standalone” stories which I wanted to use as the proverbial rug to tie the room/novel together.  That is how it comes together – not who gets together (or doesn’t get together) with another.

That is, between sandwiching in Restless stories and any possible “homework” writing assignments from EVal.

For the record, I think seven chapters are left to finish.


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