Restlessly Accepted: #1

The short of it:

I am selected for the first official issue of Restless Anthology; slated to release June 11th.

The less short of it:

I got a reply the day before with the good news.  There were some nice phrases used towards me which might have been sarcastic, but I’ll take that I can get.

Then last night I got a mail from the person editing it.  I’m not concerned with the edit since that’s just what has to be done.  Better to be edited (heavily or lightly) and accepted than complete and rejected.  I feel kind of special just for being edited; in my own roundabout-ly explained way.

Later that night I got another mail saying the story is still being edited, but it’s a much easier read from this point forward.  I’ll admit my start was kind of shaky since I had a ton of info, setup, and action.


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