Restlessly Submitting #1

My submission for Restless Anthology has been submitted.  It’s still close to the deadline, but it’s almost a day early.

What I’ll about it is…it’s beefy.  They had a cap, and I hovered ever-so-closely to it.  That’s with my edit.

For what it’s worth, this is something I actually fretted over a bit.  This thing was heavily edited, which is also something I don’t usually do with my own stuff.  usually a polish and that’s about it – unless copious notes are sent my way [which happened].

There was some apprehension with this one – so I sent out a line to see if anyone was interested in taking an alpha peek at this story.  Thankfully, a friend of mine took a look.  He also passed it onto his significant other.

No clue what she thought, but it seemed she had a favorable opinion.  He liked it but added a massive amount of notes to it; making me very happy actually.  I really enjoy feedback- and actually take it, opposed to a hefty amount of folks I know.

[edit: I did get permission to post some of the notes I received.  Stay tuned.]

It seemed the worst criticism on that first draft was it read too much like a screenwriter.  I could(n’t) deal with that. I liked the idea, but did add more description here and there.  Most notably, the descriptions of a few rooms.  The most descriptive I got with a locale was a vehicle (which had a very favorable reception).

My original draft was 10,158 words.  I reworked most every passage and with all the additions and subtractions, I got it worked down to 9,282 – a tad under the 10k cap.

There was talk about splitting it up, but I worry about it.  I gave a progress report at last month’s EVal meeting, and there was talk of staggering it over two issues.  I hinted maybe splitting it in half but within the same issue.  Then maybe I’d get a chance at people reading it if they skipped over it the first time.

Time shall tell…


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