First Draft/No Draft news

Shocker. eh?  I bombed out on Script Frenzy.  I hoped to break the cycle but life and procrastination kicked back in.

I was actually spending that time on the (extended) deadline for Restless.  Saturday I finished the draft; too big, and needing an editing swipe.

This thing currently clocks in at 24 pages and 10k+ words at this point.  I need to start curbing that stuff, I know.  Thankfully I got good notes from a friend and I’ll be using that as a basis at my chopping.

Funny as it was, a few of the things I was planning to write this whole thing to include.  Does that mean a script?  Maybe…but I have other fish to fry [finish].  The worst criticism so far being told it reads like written by a screenwriter.  No sluglines were involved, I swear.

On the bright side, I had a revelation about my NaNo ’09 story.  I also have two screenplay ideas to toss into the hopper…though I might want a first draft written by someone else.  The other one’s based on an obscure UK book which only lasted a single printing.

I’m on the fence with a couple other things due to some blogs I read from people I respect, as well as some stuff some equally respected comedians have been saying in the netisphere.  Do I make a new blog for non-writing?  Should I move all the writing posts to a site which is made for writing excepts/chapters?  Do I add/remove some ‘social networking’ avenues (as the kiddies like to call it)?  Do I finally start up that long-rumored cult site/domain?  Who in the Corellian Nine Hells knows…


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