EPIC Star Wars movie – behind the scenes

This above screen grab is from a movie compilation of BEHIND THE SCENES footage of making A New Hope back when it was simply known as Star Wars.  It also has some cool scenes of the motion picture’s aftermath as well.

What makes it epic?

It names names, as in labeling people to show who all these legendary FX folks are (liberal pausing may be required).
It shows kit bashing in progress.  As Neo may say, “Whoah.”
It shows testing out the starfield (breathtaking).
It shows the Death Star surface being cast.
It shows rotoscope testing.
Check out the couches in the viewing room.
The “trench run” as you’ve never seen it before.
It shows the pre CU   pre nge   pre CGI  pre Blu-Ray version   Han-shot-first-era of-  Er, nevermind…

Described by the uploader:

“Crude home movies from the 1970s depicting activities at a certain location in the San Fernando Valley.”

As a bonus, here’s a link to this amazing find, which has more screen grabs, and also has the historical artifact embedded (via the Star Wars blog):


And now, here it is..!


5757 from David Berry on Vimeo.

If the embed code is temperamental, use this link:

It’s worth the effort – trust me.


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