Hey, kids…

As if kiddies would be reading this.  They could, but the use of capitalization; as well as other things such as grammar, punctuation, and usual lack of “leet speak” usage; might all be too much.

This silly page thing is what I started up for at least 8 different reasons of a broad scope, but I am here now.

If I keep this up, it will look much nicer or unique I’m sure.  I had some people pester me into going to one of those social network type sites, and most of what I say isn’t read or cared too much for.  If I wanted to try to latch some ideas together for an actual train of thought, then that would not be the place to do it.

This is supposed to look just classy enough to make one read in a little bit before wondering why the heck and caring should be continued.

In the meantime…  I will be hoping to use this place to add my NaNoWriMo story for this year.  It starts November first, so I already have a nice jump on things.

I have been known to make many “ninja posts” in said previous blog.  This is my definition of sneaking something in by adjusting the date.  I have no clue if I can do the same here, but watch the skies.

Feel free to contact me for whatever reason you wish and I shall do my best to get back in touch with you; or at least post a reply.  If you are reading this sometime in November and nothing additional has been accomplished, I do apologize.


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