Soon(tm) – Defined

soon or never?

Did you know “Soon” was actually trademarked by Sony Online Entertainment?  Tongue-and-cheek as it was written (to goof on/with gamers who need[n’t] to be given satisfactory answers), here is a quote from the SOE Knowledge Database:

Question:When, exactly, is soon?Answer:
When will be back/available/up/open/updated/fixed/installed/removed/nerfed/un-nerfed/patched/rolled back/instituted/upgraded/borked/published/resolved/ and/or generally Made Better™?

Soon™: A broadly generic description of a length of time between now and the fruition of a promise made by the developers of computer software, especially online gaming software. Before being trademarked, the term ‘Soon’ was much more meaningful, indicating that the event to which the adverb is applied is to happen in the near future. After the trademark was applied to the term, however, any sense of urgency or immediacy that the term ‘Soon’ once carried was tossed aside in favor of a term that would serve only to torture the readers of the term, usually subscribers to online gaming forums, hence Soon™.

An enhancement to the term Soon™ was made shortly after, and became known as Very Soon™, also trademarked. Very Soon™ is generally first used by game developers when they realize that they can no longer get away with using the term Soon™ while maintaining a straight face. Very Soon™, however, is not accepted by the gaming public much more favorably than its root, Soon™,as neither term means much at all to gamers who have been waiting patiently for the promised event to arrive.

There is also the recent addition of “Soonish™” which is generally only used by GM’s in chat channels on patch days after being asked 498 times “When will the servers be up?”.…N2PSZwX3NlYXJj

[Link down – possibly due to SWG closing or losing a sense of humor.]


2 comments on “Soon(tm) – Defined

  1. Cory S says:

    I wrote this when working Tech Support at SOE. We had switched to a new Knowledge Base and ticketing system, and everyone was supposed to come up with several KB articles a day. At the time, I was working the night-shift (11 PM until 8 AM). Between handling international support for our games, posting on the tech support forums, and responding to escalations, I would amuse myself by writing humorous articles for the knowledgebase. This one was originally written around 3 AM, though I went through a couple of drafts before it got pushed live. Prospective KB articles would be drafted, and then pushed out together as a group.

    I was searching for this today, since I wanted to give one of my coworkers my definition of Soon for a project I am currently working on. I am surprised to see that other people had actually read- and appreciated- my entry. I went down the rabbit-hole all day today, reading through archived forums and such, remiscing about SOE.

    Anyway, thanks for appreciating this. It looks like the article lived on long after I left, though it’s gone now. I wish I had kept better track of the emails, forum posts, and KB articles I had so much fun writing at the time. I am sure there are other amusing gems buried in there somewhere.

    • Mesnard says:

      Thanks SO much for replying!

      I saw this when browsing through the knowledge base for some random issue I wanted to resolve…which I came to while looking at some of the silly posts made there. How I really found it is no more than a moment of serendipity.

      My game was Star Wars Galaxies. People would constantly complain about this-or-that and wanting a timetable to hold the devs to. I would sometimes reply to the “soon” posts with the link since it was hilarious for some of them to think they were directly addressed in the sup or area.

      Thanks for making this post. I do get a chuckle out of it whenever I read it. If you are curious at all about who I was in game, send me a message via the contact area and I can guarantee both our anonymity. 🙂

      I can’t thank you enough for finding my blog and posting a comment. I loved the backstory.

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